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Supply Chain Tracking Technology

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UK-based supplier of shipment and asset tracking software using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) sensors to provide military and commercial logisticians with in-transit and fleet visibility of high value assets and shipments.
Learn all about our market-leading Consignment Management Application solution and what it can do for your supply chain in-transit visibility requirements.
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SCT Technology
Supply Chain Tracking (SCT) Technology provides turnkey asset and shipment tracking software and professional services using Internet Of Things (IOT) hardware to provide logisticians with both in-transit and fleet visibility of high value assets and shipments.

Our commercial platform – CMA 3T – is used today by multiple carriers across several African nations to secure and track bonded freight and fuel deliveries. Our military platform – CMA MSS – provides NATO-standard interoperable, multi-national nested visibility of mission essential equipment moving along national or coalition supply chains.
Asset and Shipment Tracking – the right solution for you?
Companies looking to improve their supply chain visibility with in-transit visibility (Track and Trace / Asset and Shipment Tracking) are often faced with the challenge of clearly identifying exactly what is needed and consequently can find themselves caught up in expensive consultancy and / or enterprise-level solutions that are both difficult to implement and are not necessarily the right answer.

SCT Technology can help you with this challenge. We are offering free assessments of your need for an in-transit and asset tracking solution – click here to learn more
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